Boston Wedding Photographer

Zeliang photographer.

I’m a wedding photographer based out of Boston, MA. I’m a thirty-something year-old following my passion and doing something that makes me unimaginably happy every day I wake up. I love weddings that are modern and non-traditional. Some of my absolute favorites are weddings that incorporate DIY details. My style is clean and colorful. I think the best images are candid and capture an emotion.


Whether you’re photogenic or self proclaimed “awkward in front of the camera,” I promise I will capture the real you – the beautiful, the goofy, loud, or shy. While I can’t make you change your self-image, I can show you, through my lens, that you’re unique and amazing, despite all the criticism that you tell yourself about your height, your weight, or any other superficial imperfections that you think you have, because what really counts is what’s on the inside – your kindness, your ability to laugh about the ups and downs of life, your unconditional love for your partner – that’s what I strive to capture.

I value authentic moments over posed photos. During the wedding ceremony, I take an unobtrusive approach to capture the emotions and joy of everything between the vows, the ring exchange, and the first kiss as newly weds; at the reception, I let the events unfold and am always prepared to capture all the fun and quirkiness of the night. I’m so excited for your wedding and I hope I get to document your memories.

“Sam is an amazing talent. He has a unique eye for capturing the beauty of simple moments in such a candid and natural way. When looking for a wedding photographer we wanted a photographer who could capture the emotions of the day in a way that would honor simplicity and elegance.”

— Steve & Xavier